Pension La Mori

Pension La Mori

Strada Mori nr. 384 Zagra Bistrita Nasaud



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Pension Horga is situated on the Somes Mare, at the foot of Rodna Mountains, with access Located in the village Zagros Beclean just 15 km and 20 km from the city Nasaud, in the foothills Tibles guesthouse mill is an ideal place to relax in nature, designed to European standards, a subtle and elegant modernism, offering our guests the opportunity to spend time calitate.La east of Zagros Treasure on the southern slope of the hill, there is a small plateau formed as a result of landslides. On this plateau there is a lake with an area of ​​approx. 1800 square meters and a depth unknown, lake or Taul Zagra's Spelt from Zagros which has numerous examples of lake turtles (long-tailed turtle or frog pan) come true monuments of nature and the richness of wildlife in the area.