Pension Complex Alpina Blazna

Pension Complex Alpina Blazna

Valea Blaznei din Muntii Rodnei, la cota 1100 Bistrita Nasaud

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Tourist Complex is located in Valley Blaznei Rodna Mountains, 1100 Landscape quota which reveals the nature and mountain lovers is absolutely gorgeous. Complex guard proud mountain peaks and pine forests ensure the clean and pure mountain air. Mountain landscape, baths Dacian clear swimming pool and spa are guaranteed a perfect holiday. In summer, tourists can get closer to halt us all the riches hidden in Rodna Mountains National Park: Glade daffodils, rhododendrons Glade, Lake Lala Cave Coba, Red Peak, Peak Ineu and many other attractions. In winter, visitors can enjoy generous ski slope 1,500 meters with medium and hard difficulty. Skiers are offered aicicel longer lift the country from 1480 m.